IRS Tax Lien Release Attorney

Tax Levy & Release Tax Lien

Tax Lien “enforced collections”

A tax Lien is used by the IRS to collect on its tax debt. Most importantly, a Lien is a public notification that the IRS claims you owe them money and they have a legal claim against your property.

The IRS will send a notice of its intent to file a Lien against your property to your last known address and to your local government recorder’s office (ex. Pinellas County Clerk of the court). We focus on preventing the lien from occurring, however, if it is too late, we work through helping your removing the lien.

Negative consequences of a tax lien:

Tax liens are recorded by the major credit reporting agencies and serve as a public notice that the IRS believes you owe them money.  Your credit score will be negatively impacted!

If you sell the property that has a Lien filed against it, the IRS will automatically take the amount it thinks it is owed before you receive any money from the sale (including penalties and interest)!